How To Choose The Best Online Casino

Incentives and Bonuses
The best online gambling sites allow you to play their games without setting up an account. Many sites even offer strictly recreational games, where players can participate in their favorite games and chat with other players while vying for points instead of cash. The casinos offer the play for free option because it’s a good way to attract new customers; these days, most Internet-savvy consumers want to try something before they plunk down hard cash for it. The play-for-free option is good for you because it gives you a chance to explore the software and get comfortable with it before you put any money on the line. You can find out which games are offered, study the rules for each game, and try a few practice hands to get a feel for the action. At some sites, you also can watch as other players gamble before jumping in yourself. You probably should stay away from any site that does not allow you to take its gaming software for a test run before signing up. Some sites might ask you to fill out a short form before using the play-for-free option. As long as this form doesn’t ask for banking or credit information, you’re probably safe. If you have to give credit or banking information before you can try the software, leave the site immediately and don’t go back.

Payouts and Payoffs
Reputable online gambling sites such as will post their payout percentages on their Web pages, as well as their procedures for paying out winnings. Look for payout percentages in the very high 90s-97 percent or higher. Like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, legitimate online casinos make their money by building a reasonable house edge into all their games and by taking advantage of players’ mistakes in strategy. If you avoid online gambling sites with payouts of 95 percent or looser and exercise the same care in playing that you would use in a real-life casino, you should experience more or less the same win rate no matter where you play. It also is important to understand how you will receive your winnings. In most cases, an online casino will return your original deposit the same way you made it. That is, if you use a Visa to deposit $100 in your online gambling account, you’ll get that $100 back as a credit on your Visa account. Winnings, though, are usually handled differently. Instead of crediting your winnings to your credit card, most online casinos will cut a check and mail it to you; it may take about two weeks to receive it, depending on where the casino is based and which bank it uses. Some online casinos also offer a wire transfer option for receiving winnings. You get your winnings faster, but usually you have to pay a fee for this service.

Customer Service and Support
Reputable and legitimate online casinos make it easy for their players to get help and information. Before you sign on with an Internet casino, check out its customer service and support facilities. You should be able to contact the casino via e-mail and via telephone, and there should be a toll-free number for technical support, especially when you download the casino’s gambling software. You can test an online casino’s customer service by calling the telephone number and asking a real person to explain the bonus structure, rules, and restrictions. Also ask about withdrawal policies. Some casinos require you to maintain a minimum balance in your account or close it out entirely. She support personnel should be able to explain every item in the terms and conditions; if they hedge or give only vague answers, look for another gambling site. Check to see if the site offers real-time support in chat mode. This is important if you run into problems or questions with the software; you don’t want to be held up with technical issues when you’re ready to play, and often chat-based support can resolve problems more quickly than telephone-based systems. You also can test the responsiveness of the site’s e-mail support system by asking a question and seeing how long it takes the site to reply. 1f you don’t get a response within twenty-four hours, be cautious about playing at that site. Find out the hours when support is available. Some online casinos offer twenty-four-hour e-mail and telephone support. Others have twenty-four-hour e-mail support but their phone support hours are limited. The best companies offer several convenient ways for you to contact them, no matter what time of day it is.