Games You Don`t Want To Play Alone

It’s dark, it’s late, and there’s some hesitation to pushing the start button on your next digital nightmare. Do you really want to play this game alone? We’ve all been there. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just like the greatest scary movies are better to witness with others in the room, so are some of the best terrifying video games. “Sweet Sebastian Bach, I wanna play!” “Miller, you signed in yet?” “I’m here.” “Alright, let’s boot it up!” PT (Silent Hills) Released only in demo form, PT was a mysterious new spookfest crafted by the pseudonymous 7780s Studios. Players were dropped into seemingly innocuous hallway that repeated on a loop, while a spectral woman laughed and chased them through her home. Radio transmissions recalled murderous events. A fetus talked to players in a bathroom sink. And then things got really weird. “His six-year-old daughter had the good sense to hide in the bathroom.” [Spooky grunting]

Early players were thrilled that there was a new horror game coming to the PlayStation 4, and PT earned more fans when players learned it was actually hype for a new Silent Hill game from the minds of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately, Konami and Kojima Productions parted ways before Silent Hills could be completed, and this demo is all we ever got. Siren: Blood Curse A 2008 re-imagining of the cult favorite Siren series, Siren: Blood Curse is an episodic narrative told through the perspectives of a half-dozen different characters. Players find themselves in the middle of an ancient ritual, complete with sacrifices, the undead, and nightmare creatures straight out of a Junji Ito manga. In addition to being crazy-scary every time a new creature appeared out of thin air with its soulless, bloody eyes, the episodic nature of Blood Curse makes it perfect for binge-playing with friends. Dead Space Developed by EA’s Redwood Studios, which went on to become Visceral Games, Dead Space is a brilliant third-person, action-horror game that terrifies players from the moment they step foot on the USG Ishimura. As engineer Isaac Clarke, gamers go head-to-head with the necromorphs. These creatures were once human, but were infected by a massive, ancient spire that seemingly has a connection straight to your worst visions of the monster in the closet. Not only are necromorphs nasty creatures, they have to be dismembered in order to be vanquished.

While it’s a great and innovative video game mechanic, it makes every encounter a white-knuckle battle. [Alien roaring] “Yeah, well there’s not. There’s nobody here.” Layers of Fear Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear is an unexpectedly chilling delight that follows a disturbed artist as he tries to complete his masterpiece. Players have to explore his home to discover how to finish this painting, and uncover a great mystery as the story progresses. Layers of Fear isn’t chock full of monsters or things trying to kill you, but it’s an eerie experience, loaded with scares. The painter protagonist goes more than a little bit mad, and his artworks are horrific and violent affairs that would give anyone staring at them goosebumps. Exploring darkened halls of a Victorian manor never felt so tense. [Ominous music] [Anguished, scary moaning] Until Dawn Originally conceived as a PlayStation 3 game with a heavy focus on Move controls,