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The Future of eSports


I’m really excited to be here today to talk about eSports and represent Activision Blizzard Media Networks. You know in the simplest terms, eSports is just competitive gameplay. It’s me playing you in ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Counter-Strike,’ whatever your favorite game is and just like football or basketball, there’s professionals who do this. There’s professional broadcast with professional broadcasters announcing the games, there’s lots and lots of amateurs now trying to make it into the big leagues and most importantly there’s millions of passionate fans who really love and engage with this as a sport, as a content type and are really focused on the personalities behind the sport that is striving forward.

And one of the things that we noticed very early on is how do you know this is a sport not just people at me pretty good at video games? The skill gap between top professional players in eSport is it is very similar to me trying to play basketball against LeBron James. It’s just, the skill gap is enormous and a lot of that has to do with, with NA talent, but it’s also a lot of hard work.Right now, the sport globally is over a hundred million uniques v iewers. So, we’re talking about a sport that in aggregate is bigger than the NBA in terms of viewership. A big part of what we’re trying to do at Activision Blizzard Media Networks is really celebrate these players and bring them to the forefront and tell those stories behind what it is that they’re doing. If you think about traditional sports, it’s it’s much less for most fans about the technicalities of the game or really understand the rules, or how different defenses and offences work.

It’s really all about the personalities and storylines and that’s what we’re bringing to the forefront where we sold out Nationwide Arena with 10,000 people paying fifty to a hundred and fifty dollars for tickets and literally tens of millions of people tuning in over the course of the weekend. 10,000 live spectators like I said, 71 million video views and 45 million hours viewed over the course of the six days globally. So, it was broadcast in 15 different languages across a variety of digital platforms and 0 television. All live over the top digital broadcasting to you the whole world. What we really want to do those take this to the next level and that means not just getting ‘Counter-Strike’ fans or ‘Call of Duty’ fans involved in eSports, but getting mainstream sports fans involved in this. And I’m gonna go a little bit deeper into why we think Activision Blizzard Media Networks is uniquely positioned to do that.

So, in a global basis, the aggregate eSports audience is a little bit bigger than major league baseball and just under the NBA. That kind of scale is unbelievable and it’s getting bigger. Their projections are that by next year I’ll be over 300 million viewers globally.

You know, you would probably expect these people who are super passionate fans are little bit more interested, but there are actually a lot more interested in this stuff. They are, they spent two times as much gaming peripherals and all sorts of gaming equipment. The fans, not the players. Just the fans of eSports. They also spent thirty percent more on gaming hardware and software.

So, they’re buying more games and they’re buying more gaming hardware. The four major pro sports leagues in the US do about 29 billion dollars in revenue a year and against 1.4 billion viewers. So, $21 per viewer. So, if you think of it as like a ARPU calculation. $21 in ARPU annually against traditional sports. ESports is a 100 million viewers and 200 million in revenue, so we’re only at $2.

We’re at the very early stage of this curve. Using this kind of pretty conservative projections we think the growth of the audience and moderate growth in ARPU will put the eSports industry at about a billion dollars in revenue by 2018. Not only is it big and scaling, but it’s growing quickly and it’s starting to mature as a business. What we’re really, all we’re doing is following traditional sports formulas to present a new kind of athlete to the world. But they are engaging, they’re really interesting people and I think if we tell these stories the right way, it won’t just be the super hardcore fans that into this, it will be people like you. And that’s what’s really exciting for us.

We brought eSports to the X Games with ESPN for the first time at the Austin X Games and an interesting thing happened. The day before the event started I was flying Austin and the guy that runs the X Games for ESPN called me and he said ‘what the hell did you guys do to our app?’ and i said ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, what do you mean? ‘..He said, ‘open the app,’ and they had produced app just for the event and that had kind of the map and everything in it and the core feature was you could like or favorite all of your favorite athlete, so they had every single athlete in the X Games in this app. People were liking him like crazy, but you have people like Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk, big action sports athletes who get a lot of TV time.

Some are in the Olympics, it’s a big deal. Anyway, the most favorite athletes in the ESPN X Games app numbers were 1- 26 were MLG Pro gamers and Travis was 27. These guys are very accessible, they’re a new kind of athlete, they are digital first, over the top, social media trained athlete. Projecting to you guys what we’re trying to do at Activision Media Networks, which is to bring the storylines and the personalities to the forefront and create kind of big safe and scale of a way for brands to attach so that we can drive more investment into into the industry and bring the whole thing for it and then also provide a lot more value to our players and fans. We’ve come a long way, I mean what’s the tipping point?

When did this flood gate suddenly open? So, we use, at Twitch we use the analogy of eSports is a lot like poker, where poker had a large community people. People have been playing texas holdem for hundreds of years, or over a hundred years.

Everybody knew it, people have played it in back room bars and in back rooms and so forth and casinos, but so it’s own built in community. They created a technology, the pocket cam, that allowed people to watch poker from the outside and make the game interesting, so a technological change and then distribution. So, we started to see with the pocket cam, ESPN and Fox Sports started to broadcast poker. So, with eSports, you know, eSports has been popular for years and years and years you talked to Mike, some of you guys have been around for 10 plus years in the eSports space, so it’s been existing. It was the existence of the developers created a spectator mode in the games that made it interesting for people not playing the game to watch it and then this little thing called Justin TV which is what which came out of created an opportunity where it could these matches could be broadcast globally, digitally all across the world so the matches now had viewership. So, if you take the poker analogy and apply it to eSports it is very similar in that again, probably a two, two and a half years ago is where it really took off.

You know, one of the most interesting things about eSports is, imagine if you’re a basketball fan or football fan and you can watch Russell Wilson practice for six hours privately at home and then and then you know go pick up a football and play, that’s what you doing with eSports. You’re watching your favorite you know player in the world practice at home and their game. That’s what your kids are doing in their rooms for hours at a time. They’re watching their favorite players playing then they don’t play the game, it’s crazy.

But, it is also important to understand that when you see it in aggregate number of eSports whether it be revenue or whether it be viewership, what you’re really talking about is that being spread across multiple games right? And when we talk multiple, I would say we’re at 10 games that consider themselves eSports? That have competitive sporting analysis or games in tournaments. And 10 more waiting in the wings. Yea, and the Gold Rush, the Gold Rush is coming as far as from the publisher perspective, so you really need to understand that, that number is broken down by game whether that’s ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Hearthstone,’ ‘Dota Starcraft,’ ‘Halo,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Counter-Strike,’ all those different things.

So, that’s really important that the apples to apples would actually be all sports against all eSports or NBA vs League of Legends would be would be fair consumption for that perspective. Yea, with OpTic Gaming in particular products facilitated the relationship with Pepsi. I don’t think it was a real big surprise to anyone that Pepsi would get involved with eSports. The real big story there was that they launched a brand new product called Brisk Mate on the backs of any sports team. I really applaud these brands because they are working with us to back away from some of those traditional metrics that everyone in this room is held to and they’re providing somewhat of a creative latitude to approach the space differently than they do traditional marketing.

You mentioned, now they’re not really look at the traditional metrics, but they still need to evaluate whether this number one, alliance with their brand image and number two what kind of returns are getting out of these. Hhow are they doing that calculation? I mean can you share anything insight? Yeah, I mean there’s definitely a secret sauce. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of metrics that the industry holds all of their vendors and partners to.

My attitude is like ‘look just because something can be measured doesn’t mean you have to measure it.’ I actually like the industry as a whole has gotten kind of away from that visceral approach like ‘hey, does it just feel right?’ So, we understand that their traditional metrics that need to be accountable or that need to be folded into the space, but simultaneously you know, what Andy just mentioned is when we have that kind of creative latitude we are now starting to Explore what does the social currency look like rate like? Right? Like how do we start to redefine how you actually evaluate the success of the program?

And there are a lot of social functionality is behind this which you don’t necessarily have to measure within the traditional sense, but it absolutely has an impact on your ROI and it’s something you can see almost immediately which we have seen. And what you can’t do is just say I want to I want to market to eSports. I mean that it’s just it’s just too generic. ESports as an entity would be like’ I want to touch sports consumers ,’ ‘I want to hit people have mobile phones.’ And there’s a very close relationship between content creators and brands in the space. Your very well aware of of the relationship and certainly with influencer marketing brands are maybe a half step removed from from what that content is.

It’s it’s a little bit more akin to that, its understanding that you know the way to your brand is perceived within the space may not be entirely against your defined brand image, so you know, have again the creativity in the sort of foresight, the bravery to say okay, we’re looking at something different, maybe there’s a different way to approach this or maybe you shouldnt be there at all. Maybe it’s not the space for you. You know, maybe if you are a feminine forward fashion line you should not be advertising on NFL Sunday. My piece of advice would be for anyone in this room or anyone looking to get into this space is actually don’t get hung up about the particular game. It’s really the lifestyle of these guys right?

Whether it’s individuals or the community it’s it’s the lifestyle aspect that’s very appealing for a brand marketers. So, for us we actually see the Andy’s point earlier like they’re definitely subcultures within eSports and where does your brand align. There’s what we call the I would call the “typical geek culture,” right? Like they’re certain games where these guys their entire lifestyle actually revolves around the game.

There is the bro-culture where there where the game is just a part of their lifestyle. So, you know some of it is somewhat stereotypical. Like that bro-culture, they don’t plan their entire life around the game, the game is just a natural extension of what they’re doing versus the other culture where their entire lifestyle actually does revolve around the game and their whole social structure. But again, don’t get too hung up in the games, try to pay more attention to the lifestyle. We still have a lot of challenges, right? I mean what are some of the key challenges that are facing the industry?

It’s, it’s how do you get in like what sport do I look at? What game do I look at? How do I understand what’s happening on the screen? You know, if you look at if you look at the traditional sports industry where it’s more mature, you know you watch NFL they, tell you exactly what’s happening. You don’t have to know a whole lot about NFL to understand what’s happening on the field because they will walk you through it. ESports traditionally up to this point has played very much to its core.

You play the game, you watch the game. How do you get beyond that? How do you bring in new viewers?

How do you create understanding where there isn’t understanding. If you can create that sort of understanding and open things up and welcome more people into the tent, then you sort of a wide and out the opportunity. Then you really start to see viewer growth. Then you can connect even more deeply to this sort of emotional storytelling we saw Mike’s team at MLG put together some great stuff, you know, you can connect to those things unemotional level. That’s great, that’s hooking me in, but if you don’t tell the rest of the story within the game or the presentation of the game or the presentation of the sport, you’re gonna dip right out and you’re not going to create a relationship with the game or a brand or anything around it and they’ll go find something else it’s a little easier to understand. So can you create on text I think that’s a huge, huge open opportunity right now.

Until Dawn Success Story

Until Dawn finally hit the PlayStation 4 in 2015 with Hollywood stars like Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere appearing in the trope-filled slasher. All of the gameplay is pretty simple, with quick-time events making up the bulk of interactivity, so even more casual gamers can get in on Until Dawn without feeling too pressured to perform. What’s more, failure doesn’t result in a game over, but instead just leads down another path towards one of Until Dawn’s numerous alternate endings. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Eschewing the familiar third-person style the Resident Evil franchise was known for, Capcom instead went with a first-person experience for Resident Evil VII. As if that wasn’t tense enough, the PlayStation 4 version features VR support, meaning you can be fully immersed in the world of the fantastically freaky Baker family.

As everyman Ethan Winters, players travel to the creepy Baker homestead in an attempt to find your missing wife. With set pieces inspired by The Thing and the Saw movies, and a dark mystery to uncover at the heart of it all, you’ve got a game that seriously rights the course of a once wayward franchise. It’s also very hard to play when the sun goes down. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories As a re-imagining of the original Silent Hill, Shattered Memories puts players back in the role of Harry Mason as he searches for his daughter after a car crash. Armed with only a flashlight and his cellphone, Harry must solve puzzles and explore the abandoned depths of a snowy town, while also dealing with being transported to the alternate nightmare dimension. There’s no combat in Shattered Memories, so you can only evade Silent Hill’s monsters…or else find yourself trapped forever in the nightmare realm. If all that isn’t creepy enough, the game also incorporates the Wii controller to act as a cellphone, with messages and calls coming through the device’s speaker, all a little too close to home. Amnesia: The Dark Descent Set in the 1800s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts players in the role of an amnesiac named Daniel who must escape from the depths of an old castle.

Oh, and Daniel must also manage his sanity by not spending too much time in the shadows and dark, otherwise he hallucinates, making his escape that much more difficult. The audio and visual cues that creep into Daniel’s mind makes discerning safety from real danger nearly impossible… [high-pitched humming] …with terrors becoming more visceral the longer players spend on the wrong end of sanity. Uncovering the truth behind the horrors increases the tension, but it also gives players a reason to keep going even if they’re absolutely out of their minds. Or are they? Bloodborne A great deal of horror games focus on mythic undead monsters, but Bloodborne’s Lovecraftian influences give it a much more creative creepiness. There are very few games that feature bosses as uneasy on the eyes as the Blood-starved Beast, Ebrietas, and The One, Reborn. At least with Lovecraft, you know you’re getting a tentacle monster or two. Bloodborne’s bosses scoff at such simplistic nether-gods. If you don’t have 65 skulls popping out of glowing orifices, each with their own mutated baby brain, you aren’t tough enough to make it in the land of Yharnam. Thanks for watching! Click the SVG icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know you’ll love, too!


Games You Don`t Want To Play Alone

It’s dark, it’s late, and there’s some hesitation to pushing the start button on your next digital nightmare. Do you really want to play this game alone? We’ve all been there. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just like the greatest scary movies are better to witness with others in the room, so are some of the best terrifying video games. “Sweet Sebastian Bach, I wanna play!” “Miller, you signed in yet?” “I’m here.” “Alright, let’s boot it up!” PT (Silent Hills) Released only in demo form, PT was a mysterious new spookfest crafted by the pseudonymous 7780s Studios. Players were dropped into seemingly innocuous hallway that repeated on a loop, while a spectral woman laughed and chased them through her home. Radio transmissions recalled murderous events. A fetus talked to players in a bathroom sink. And then things got really weird. “His six-year-old daughter had the good sense to hide in the bathroom.” [Spooky grunting]

Early players were thrilled that there was a new horror game coming to the PlayStation 4, and PT earned more fans when players learned it was actually hype for a new Silent Hill game from the minds of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately, Konami and Kojima Productions parted ways before Silent Hills could be completed, and this demo is all we ever got. Siren: Blood Curse A 2008 re-imagining of the cult favorite Siren series, Siren: Blood Curse is an episodic narrative told through the perspectives of a half-dozen different characters. Players find themselves in the middle of an ancient ritual, complete with sacrifices, the undead, and nightmare creatures straight out of a Junji Ito manga. In addition to being crazy-scary every time a new creature appeared out of thin air with its soulless, bloody eyes, the episodic nature of Blood Curse makes it perfect for binge-playing with friends. Dead Space Developed by EA’s Redwood Studios, which went on to become Visceral Games, Dead Space is a brilliant third-person, action-horror game that terrifies players from the moment they step foot on the USG Ishimura. As engineer Isaac Clarke, gamers go head-to-head with the necromorphs. These creatures were once human, but were infected by a massive, ancient spire that seemingly has a connection straight to your worst visions of the monster in the closet. Not only are necromorphs nasty creatures, they have to be dismembered in order to be vanquished.

While it’s a great and innovative video game mechanic, it makes every encounter a white-knuckle battle. [Alien roaring] “Yeah, well there’s not. There’s nobody here.” Layers of Fear Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear is an unexpectedly chilling delight that follows a disturbed artist as he tries to complete his masterpiece. Players have to explore his home to discover how to finish this painting, and uncover a great mystery as the story progresses. Layers of Fear isn’t chock full of monsters or things trying to kill you, but it’s an eerie experience, loaded with scares. The painter protagonist goes more than a little bit mad, and his artworks are horrific and violent affairs that would give anyone staring at them goosebumps. Exploring darkened halls of a Victorian manor never felt so tense. [Ominous music] [Anguished, scary moaning] Until Dawn Originally conceived as a PlayStation 3 game with a heavy focus on Move controls,

Videogames Are Poison!

Did you know that video games are responsible for more deaths than everything else ever combined. Yes, I am counting virtual deaths; but that should be fine in a biased PSA. Hello, I’m Kilian. Head of the Sisterhood of Extremely Worried Mothers A group dedicated to ban the planet’s two greatest evils: Video games and vaccines! This campaign started after the disturbing Nintendo Switch commercials Notice how they never show anyone being in school. Instead they are going to parties, probably to do the mare-uh-wan-uhs To convince you video games should be banned I’m not gonna sit here and bombard you with terrifying facts For example, Did you know that the majority of best online casino sa in Israel never go to church? They have replaced Jesus with a hedgehog Ever seen “The Last Supper”? WHAT’S THAT IN JUDAS’ HAND? An AMD graphics card? Sonofabitch liked his framerates But are all games bad?

Yes Let me tell you how popular games will turn your sweet ten year old into a serial killing pig molester The obvious game to talk about is GTA V But let’s not They have a really good legal team But another game that kids like that is exactly like GTA V is Clash of Clans Maybe you liked the commercials, but they don’t tell you about the deviant chat features Where your kids will be encouraged to do terrible things Like, uhh Have abortions? Or even worse, listen to rock ‘n roll. Online games in general are always bad for you. For example, League of Legends Its popularity is slowing down in the west Much like cigarettes! That can’t be a coincidence! So, can League cause lung cancer? We asked researchers at Cambridge University and they said NO So we asked the much superior Online University of Baghdad and they said: “Sure, whatever you want” Do you think someone would lie because we gave them $50,000? Minecraft is in a similar situation At first glance, it might not look so bad I mean Father John plays it with the church kids all the time A bit too much, actually but that’s not the problem!

We all know, video games are guaranteed to cause violence. A nice kid plays ten minutes of Candy Crush and suddenly he wants human sacrifices Minecraft is extremely violent And so, as Minecraft gained popularity so did civil wars, and as they say: “Correlation always implies causation” Also just because a game is safe now doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay that way Overwatch was a game about shooting terrorists something that should be taught in schools Then overnight, new goal was to become a vegan Sodomite This could happen to ANY GAME Listen. We’re not delusional We know banning games won’t cause peace on earth immediately And true, some of these facts might be a bit “alternate” The complete and honest truth is: I’M FROM THE FUTURE! In the year 14,000 All of humanity has been wiped out by a copy of Kirby Steam androids scour the planet to trade video games for lives I had to return to the past to undo the future that is video games


How To Choose The Best Online Casino

Incentives and Bonuses
The best online gambling sites allow you to play their games without setting up an account. Many sites even offer strictly recreational games, where players can participate in their favorite games and chat with other players while vying for points instead of cash. The casinos offer the play for free option because it’s a good way to attract new customers; these days, most Internet-savvy consumers want to try something before they plunk down hard cash for it. The play-for-free option is good for you because it gives you a chance to explore the software and get comfortable with it before you put any money on the line. You can find out which games are offered, study the rules for each game, and try a few practice hands to get a feel for the action. At some sites, you also can watch as other players gamble before jumping in yourself. You probably should stay away from any site that does not allow you to take its gaming software for a test run before signing up. Some sites might ask you to fill out a short form before using the play-for-free option. As long as this form doesn’t ask for banking or credit information, you’re probably safe. If you have to give credit or banking information before you can try the software, leave the site immediately and don’t go back.

Payouts and Payoffs
Reputable online gambling sites such as will post their payout percentages on their Web pages, as well as their procedures for paying out winnings. Look for payout percentages in the very high 90s-97 percent or higher. Like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, legitimate online casinos make their money by building a reasonable house edge into all their games and by taking advantage of players’ mistakes in strategy. If you avoid online gambling sites with payouts of 95 percent or looser and exercise the same care in playing that you would use in a real-life casino, you should experience more or less the same win rate no matter where you play. It also is important to understand how you will receive your winnings. In most cases, an online casino will return your original deposit the same way you made it. That is, if you use a Visa to deposit $100 in your online gambling account, you’ll get that $100 back as a credit on your Visa account. Winnings, though, are usually handled differently. Instead of crediting your winnings to your credit card, most online casinos will cut a check and mail it to you; it may take about two weeks to receive it, depending on where the casino is based and which bank it uses. Some online casinos also offer a wire transfer option for receiving winnings. You get your winnings faster, but usually you have to pay a fee for this service.

Customer Service and Support
Reputable and legitimate online casinos make it easy for their players to get help and information. Before you sign on with an Internet casino, check out its customer service and support facilities. You should be able to contact the casino via e-mail and via telephone, and there should be a toll-free number for technical support, especially when you download the casino’s gambling software. You can test an online casino’s customer service by calling the telephone number and asking a real person to explain the bonus structure, rules, and restrictions. Also ask about withdrawal policies. Some casinos require you to maintain a minimum balance in your account or close it out entirely. She support personnel should be able to explain every item in the terms and conditions; if they hedge or give only vague answers, look for another gambling site. Check to see if the site offers real-time support in chat mode. This is important if you run into problems or questions with the software; you don’t want to be held up with technical issues when you’re ready to play, and often chat-based support can resolve problems more quickly than telephone-based systems. You also can test the responsiveness of the site’s e-mail support system by asking a question and seeing how long it takes the site to reply. 1f you don’t get a response within twenty-four hours, be cautious about playing at that site. Find out the hours when support is available. Some online casinos offer twenty-four-hour e-mail and telephone support. Others have twenty-four-hour e-mail support but their phone support hours are limited. The best companies offer several convenient ways for you to contact them, no matter what time of day it is.

Casino Table Games & Lottery Games Rules

Table Games

Lottery Games

Slot Machines: A man named Charles Fey developed the first commercially successful slot machine in his San Francisco machine shop around 1896. Made of cast iron with three internal reels, a slot for taking in coins and an external lever for activating the machine, it quickly became a staple of saloons, gambling houses and even many retail stores (where patrons would trade their winnings for goods from the store – hence the term “trade goods”).

Video Poker

Deuces Wild: Just as poker began dominating card tables in America’s Wild West, some enterprising enthusiasts added the concept of “wild” cards. The term may have derived from the famous wildcats, or mountain lions, that would occasionally come down from the hills at night to add a good deal of excitement to a mining camp.

Casino Card Games Rules

Card Games

Online Pokies Gambling Games

Online pokies paysafe games are popular through out the gambling community. The transition to online pokies paysafe games has been very well accepted and it’s keeping casino gambling games on a top position next to other gambling activities like sports betting.

You can find a variety of casino gambling games sites on the internet. Most of these sites will have special software that could work under two different forms. The first one is to access the online pokies paysafe games site and play their gambling games with the use of the internet browser. Many of these sites will use technology such as Flash or Java on their online pokies paysafe games. The second form of playing online pokies paysafe games is to download a special software which you have to install in your machine. You can then access it without having to go into the online pokies paysafe site. For both ways of playing casino gambling games, you will need to be registered on their site and have money deposited in your account since you will be asked for your login and password every time you wish to play online pokies paysafe games.

There are many popular online pokies paysafe games enjoyed by thousands of gamblers across the world. The most usual games you will encounter in most of the casino gambling games sites are Poker, Slot Machines, Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, Keno and Paigow.You don’t need to go to several casino gambling games websites to play on all of your favorite games! A good casino gambling games site will offer you all of the casino games you are looking for and if they work with download software, this software must have every game you wish to play. So don’t waste your time playing on different sites, just find the one that has it all and has a good reputation and quality service.Casino gambling games are a lot of fun! Many of them give you the capability of playing multiplayer casino games in which you can play with your friends or other very good players online. Online pokies paysafe games are available to you 24/7 on almost every online casino website. Have fun playing on casino gambling games and good luck!

Blackjack Game Rules

Blackjack is a very popular game that probably originated in 16th Century France as vingt-et-un (20 and 1), hence its other name “21”. It gained the English name Blackjack since a player who held the Ace of Spades (i.e. a Black spade) and the Jack of Spades as the first two cards would be paid out extra, and the gambler’s penchant for easy rhymes took over (think “chuck-a-luck”, “acey-duecy”). The object of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over (“bust”).

Game Play:
Players will place their wagers in the center of the betting circle in front of their seat at the table. The dealer will then deal two cards, face up, to each Player and two to himself, one face up and one face down.

Our Blackjack is a multi-hand game, meaning you can play up to 3 hands at the same time. Simply place wagers in the betting circles to either side of the center seat if you want to play additional hands. It makes the game much more interesting and increases your chances of winning.

Card values:

Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10’s each count as 10.
Aces count as 1 or 11, as a player wishes.
All other cards count at their face value (i.e. 2 through 9).

If a Player’s first two cards are an Ace and a 10 value card, the Player has Blackjack and will be paid one and one-half times the wager (3-to-2), unless the Dealer also has Blackjack – in which case it’s a push (bet neither paid nor taken). All other winning hands are paid even money (1-to-1).

A Blackjack will beat a point total of “21”. For example, an Ace and a 10-value card will beat a 10, 5, 6 hand. Even though both hands total 21 points, the Blackjack wins.

The Player not having Blackjack may continue to draw cards attempting to total as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21. He is free to stand at any point total or to ask for another card (a “hit”) at any point total under 21. If the Player goes over 21, he busts and loses his wager.

Dealer must hit on all totals of 16 or less. Dealer must stand on all totals of 17 or more.

Blackjack Terminology and Game Controls

Place a number of chips in the betting circle as a wager.

Place the same number of chips in the betting circle as you
did for the previous hand.

Play a hand of Blackjack for the wager placed in the betting circle. Clicking “DEAL” starts the game and commits the wager to the outcome.

Request an additional card from the deck.

Take no additional cards.

The Player will match the original wager and split the first two cards into two separate hands. The two cards must be of the same point value (for example: a pair of 8’s, a King and a Queen, etc.) For split hands, an Ace and ten-point card equal to “21” and not Blackjack – in other words, they don’t pay 3-to-2, but they will beat a Dealer hand that has 20 points or less. Also, after splitting a pair of Aces, the Player will draw only one card per Ace.

The “DOUBLE” button will become active after the first two cards have been dealt to each hand. Players who feel confident that they are going to win this hand can “Double Down” to earn twice as much if they do win by clicking DOUBLE. Their original bet amount will be doubled automatically and they will receive exactly one additional card. Double Down wagering is not permitted on a Blackjack hand because you would automatically bust when you received the additional card.

When the dealer’s up card is an Ace, all Players have an opportunity to buy “insurance”, an additional amount equal to half of that Player’s original wager, before any further play begins.
A Player may purchase insurance when he/she believes that the dealer’s down card is a ten value card. If the Dealer has Blackjack, the insurance wager pays 2-to-1. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance wager loses and the game continues as usual.

Do not accept the insurance offered on this hand. If Pass is clicked and the Dealer has Blackjack, the player loses his original wager and play ends for this hand (unless Player also has Blackjack, in which case it’s a push). If Dealer does not have Blackjack, play for this hand continues as normal.

Rules of Baccarat Game for Players

When the Player’s first two cards total: Player Action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DRAW
6, 7 STAND
8, 9 STAND (natural)

Now it is the Banker’s turn. When the Player stands on 6 or 7 (and therefore did not draw a third card), the Banker’s play is quite straightforward. The Banker must draw on scores of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and stand on 6 or 7.

Rules of Play for Banker when Player Stands on 6 or 7

When the Banker’s first two cards total: Banker Action
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DRAW
6, 7 STAND
8, 9 STAND (natural)

However, if the Player did draw a third card, the Banker’s play gets more interesting. In this case, the Banker stands on a score of 7 but draws or stands on scores of 6 or less depending on the value of the Player’s THIRD CARD (not on the score of the Player’s HAND). The rules governing whether the Banker draws or stands are as follows:

Rules of Play for Banker when Player Draws a Third Card

Player’s Third Card
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
7 S S S S S S S S S S
6 S S S S S S D D S S
5 S S S S D D D D S S
4 S S D D D D D D S S
3 D D D D D D D D S D
2 D D D D D D D D D D
1 D D D D D D D D D D
0 D D D D D D D D D D


  • The hand with the highest score closest to nine wins.
  • Winning bets on the Player’s hand are paid at 1-to-1.
  • Winning bets on the Banker’s hand are also paid at 1-to-1. However, a winning Banker bet pays a 5% commission to the House. Each time you win when betting on the Banker, 5% of the winning amount is automatically deducted from your Account balance.
  • If both hands result in equal scores, the Tie bet wins, paying 8-to-1. When a tie occurs, all bets on either the Player or the Banker are a push (neither paid nor taken).

Baccarat Game Rules

Baccarat is an exciting card game that was a featured plot device in the James Bond novel Casino Royale by Ian Flemming.
It originated in Italy during the middle ages and derives its name from the Italian word for “zero”, because the face cards and Tens – which normally are high value cards in most games – are counted as zero in Baccarat. At some point it migrated to France where it was embraced by the aristocracy. Today, Baccarat is a favorite game of high rollers and famous gamers around the world.

The object is to bet on which of two hands (the “Player” or the “Banker“) will have a score closest to 9. You can bet on either hand – or you can bet on a tie.

Dealing and Scoring

Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards, shuffled and placed in a “shoe”. Each hand will receive at least two cards, but no more than three. The first and third cards dealt from the shoe constitute the Player’s hand and the second and forth cards constitute the Banker’s hand. If required, a third card is dealt to either hand according to specific rules outlined in the charts below.
All cards are dealt face up.

Card values are:

  • Face cards and tens count as 0;
  • Aces count as 1,
  • All other cards count as face value.

The score of each Hand is the last digit of the sum of the card values in the hand. Thus, a hand with an 8 and a 9 would have a score of 7 (since 8 + 9 = 17). This is why Tens and Face cards count as zero – only the last digit counts, so a 10 has a value of zero. The scores will always range from 0 to 9 and, unlike Blackjack, it is impossible to bust.

Examples of point scoring:

  • Example 1: 9 + 0 = 9, the score of this hand is 9.
  • Example 2: 4 + 0 + 9 = 13, the score of the hand is 3.
A Natural

Since the object of each hand is to get as close to 9 as possible, getting a score of 8 or 9 with the first two cards is a good thing. This is called a “natural”, and if EITHER hand scores a natural, BOTH hands must stand. Naturally (pardon the pun), the only score that will beat a natural 8 is a natural 9.

Game Play

Two cards are dealt face up to both the Player and the Banker.
If one hand has a natural, that hand wins. If both hands have a natural, the higher natural wins. If both hands have the same natural, it’s a tie.

If neither the Player nor the Banker has a natural, then play goes to the Player.

The Player’s hand stands on a score of 6 or 7. If the score is less than 6, the Player draws one card and receives a new score based on the value of all three cards.